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Love You Forever

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Emotional
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If I were in your heart, you’d never want to let me go.
Baby I’d give you all the things you want and more.
There would be no question of my love for you,
Because it would be shown out and inside of the bedroom.

Words can’t fully express the love we share,
This feeling that I have is ever so rare.
You’ve become apart of me. Mind, body, & soul.
But each day we grow together I gain more control.

I can’t lie, I’d love to have you anytime and anywhere.
But I have to remember you like a closet freak and we aren’t willing to share.
So as you lay me down so gently in the bed,
Just remember this phrase and keep it in your head:

I am yours and you mine, baby I’ll never leave and you’ve got me til the end of time.



So many people demand it from us. If we seem as if we don’t have time, we’re the “bad guys”. We’re seen as the people that don’t care; people with an underlying motive. We can never really be “busy” because we apparently have so much time. This time we have can’t be taken and used by the one person that really needs it…US!! LOL I need my time for me, not catering to your every need and demand. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I don’t want to be there when you need me; just know that I do need to take a step back for me every now and then so that I can Relax, Relate, & Release 🙂


Everyone is always trying to find a way to make your space smaller. There are times when people really don’t understand “I just want to be alone.” It’s not that we are trying to get away from you, but EVERYONE!! LOL Everyone needs to have some alone time, whether it’s to collect thoughts or sleep…it’s needed. Sometimes even when we have agreed to share our space, there is still necessary times we need to hide. Hide from the world mainly because it’s always passing judgement and hide from the things that we don’t want to face. Either way, we need the space to do so.

The Between…

It feels that when your time and space are taking by someone, so is everything that falls in between that. Think of something that people want from you other than your time and space and it all falls here. Your mind, your body, your heart, your life. You’re so torn, you don’t know which direction to follow. You can never sit still peacefully because there’s always someone fighting for it. Some fight harder and some give up, it all wears you down and now you’re making rash decisions with no fore thought.

You blame the person(s) that bring all of the back and forth upon you, but in actuality…you can’t. You didn’t demand from them what they are demanding from you, assuming that they’d get the picture. LOL NO ONE will ever understand the picture you paint, even when you tell them the interpretation.

So what will you allow someone to take next??? It’s time for you to be in control.

Pandora’s Box

Posted: January 19, 2010 in Emotional
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When people ask me “What’s wrong?” I always think to myself, “You don’t really want to know because if I told you, you might think I’m crazy. If I take the time and really think about it, I might drive myself crazy.” So I smile and say, “It’s nothing, I’m fine!” When deep inside I know I’m anything but. If I wanted to, I could know what my subconscious mind is screaming to let out. “Free me!” it constantly yells, but I continuously push it back; way back to the back of my mind and I no longer think about it again. Well, at least so I think. Slowly and surely some things escape to the front and I’m stuck in a funk. I’m so stuck that sometimes I can’t move. It’s almost like I’m strapped down to a chair and I’m in a room that’s filling up with water and I can’t break free. I’m just waiting for this water to stop flowing or for someone to come rescue me. However, no one comes and I’m just stuck. Stuck waiting a chance to breathe again; stuck waiting for the moment I can relax again; stuck waiting for the strength to break free out this chair; I’m just stuck.
So when I have to say “I’m fine” or “I’ll be ok” I’m just saying that to pass the time. For deep down in my heart I know that my story isn’t for you; you can’t handle how I really feel, what I really think about. I can’t even handle it! There’s so much on my heart I think I carry the world! I know that I have my cross to bare and mine is surely heavy! So much pain, anger, sorrow, grief, regret; just so many emotions that are all bottled up inside. It’s not healthy I know, but there are some things better left unsaid. For I know that even though I worry now, it shall not last long. However, for now I’m still stuck. I won’t tell you how I feel although sometimes you can read it on my face or hear it in my voice; my feelings, I cannot confess. I want to let it out and confide in someone, but I truly believe you’d look at me different and understand me even less. So I keep things bottled up because once Pandora’s Box is opened, there is no closing it.