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I Am Not Your Child

Posted: April 12, 2012 in Conflicted
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A Kid, I Am NOT!

Everyday I work hard, harder and harder to prove that I can do the everyday tasks I am given. There are moments when I truly don’t feel I’m treated fairly.

It could be that I’m the youngest in my office, but I feel that should not mean that you talk to me as if I’m your child.

One mother is what I have, no more than that.

It’s hard to remind someone older than you that they don’t have the right to talk to you any way they feel like it because, of course, you’re the disrespectful one when you tell them you don’t appreciate the way they address you. SMH

How do you tell someone kindly “Don’t take your problems out on me and go the other way with your disrespectful and bad attitude”?

This, I’m still trying to figure out; however, at this point I just try to refrain from going off like I would any other person.

I know when I do sit down and talk to her, I will start off by saying “I am not your child.”