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It’s Funny…

Posted: July 14, 2011 in Emotional, Indifferent
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It’s funny how the forecast can have “sunny skies” and then it thunderstorms in that same day.
It’s funny how the traffic report says a 10 minute ride on the Dan Ryan to downtown, you get on and there’s a traffic jam and now it’s going to take 45 minutes.
It’s funny how you can be feeling fine one minute and someone calls and tells you bad news in the next.
It’s funny how you can be bored and still have so much work to be done.
It’s funny how you been really hungry in one moment and then lose your appetite seconds later.

But it’s not funny the feeling you get when someone has to tell you goodbye. It never dawns on you, how deeply you feel for someone until they tell you they’re leaving. You’re happy for them, because it helps them live out their dreams and reach their goals. At the same time, you’re torn. Don’t want to have to say goodbye and tell them how much they will be missed, but don’t want them to think you don’t care. So what to do now?

Well you can smile and carry on like it doesn’t bother you, let them have a false hope that you will still keep up good communication; however, we all know that won’t work when you’re at opposite ends of the country. You don’t want to get too close because you know it won’t progress to anything, but don’t want to pull away and then there’s tension when they leave.

There’s no simple solution, there’s no solution that’ll bring less pain. All that is left is the reality of the situation: no one is ever ready to say goodbye.